IEI Trainings

IEI Launches a Career Services Training Series

IEI now offers a 12 session series on Supported Education and Supported Employment. This skill development training series is ideal for new SE or SEd providers or for those who want cross training in these services.  Trainees can elect to take only SE sessions, only SED sessions or the entire series which enables providers to respond more comprehensively to the needs of those they serve.

For seasoned SE and SEd providers, IEI is offering six advanced trainings. This series is designed for practitioners with experience in providing career services and are ready to boost their skills and knowledge to the next level.  Trainings include topics such as Cognitive Remediation, Executive Functioning, and the Narrative Approach to Career Development.

For more information or to register


Debbie Rich at or 908-889-2430

Partial Care Prevocational Trainings

The Integrated Employment Institute (UMDNJ) and the Career Connection Employment Resource Institute (MHANJ) have jointly developed a training curriculum that meets the staff training requirement set forth in the NJ regulations for partial care settings regarding the delivery of prevocational services. Individuals working in the partial care setting should attend these sessions in the order in which they are scheduled. The complete series comprises a total of 12 modules. For more information, please contact: Debbie Rich at (908) 889-2430 or 

Wellness & Recovery Trainings

This summer we will be offering trainings focused on wellness and recovery topics including Expungement of Criminal History, Promoting an Empowered Self, WRAP, and Job Development. For more information and registration go to our website.

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